Modern technology has made it easier than ever for thousands of people to work on a freelance basis. From solicitors to PR agents, and from graphic designers to personal trainers, almost every career path has a freelance pathway. Here are just some of the benefits to working as a freelancer.

Freedom of choice

Ever been put on a project you don’t want to be a part of? One particularly powerful advantage of freelancing is that you get to choose who, where and when. Work for clients that give you energy. Work from your home office, a coffee shop or the park. Work first thing in the morning, last thing at night or over the weekend, the choice is yours.

Limitless opportunity

Once the proper channels have been explored and a solid client base is set, working freelancing opens up realms of possibility. Your time is yours alone, therefore you can assess how much work you can take on, and grab every opportunity that comes your way!

Control over career direction

Passed over for that promotion again? Being your own boss means that your status is only as prominent as you make it. Work harder, soar further. Although working as a freelancer can be challenging, the concept of work in = results out rings true.

Grow business relationships on your own merit

No more representing a company before being forgotten when you move on. Each and every relationship you build and nurture as a freelancer is yours alone. Remember to stay in touch with every professional you meet, you never know when a project of mutual benefit could crop up. Your network is tremendously important. Bonus benefit: your confidence will soar and you will improve your communication skills continuously as you branch out.

Enjoy the financial benefits of your working schedule

Have you ever noticed that hair salon offers tend to be mid-week? Or that off-peak gym memberships tend to be, well, off-peak? Run errands while office workers are captured at their desks, hit the gym while it’s quieter and enjoy a discounted membership, revamp your hair for a fraction of the price. There are tangible cost benefits to going freelance.

Avoid the commute

We’ve all been stuck on a perilously hot and cramped rush hour train, ran for (And missed) a packed bus, and generally felt seriously stressed before even getting to the office. Luckily for freelancers, rolling out of bed and working is an option… although it is advised that you get ready and dress professionally to get into an optimum productive headspace.

Maintain the option to work in an office environment

A common misconception is that freelancers are lonely. This simply is not the case. In fact, there are hot-desking offices popping up all around the country at an impressive rate. Individuals can hire a desk for a day, week or a month if they want to speak with like-minded professionals, expand their network or experience the feeling of working in an office. Such places are especially useful in times of home upheaval: guests visiting and decorators working are two common reasons that freelancers seek alternative, temporary working locations.

Achieve a work-life balance far easier

The ultimate benefit of working on a freelance basis is that you can ultimately control your income stream, your working hours and location, and the nature of your job. Your work can be moulded to fit around your personal life, and vice versa, when needed. It is much easier to achieve a positive work-life balance when working freelance as opposed to a strict structured organisational role, which is why so many people opt for the freelance life.

I hope you found this blog useful. If you have any questions or would like more information on working on a freelance basis, please get in touch.