Are you employed and using your own vehicle for work?

Did you know that HMRC allows you to claim tax relief on mileage travelled whilst on business duties? This could be travel whilst visiting clients, travelling to and from different offices, making collections or dropping off goods, or travelling to temporary working sites. There is an allowance available of 0.45p per mile, so if you’re not being reimbursed by your employer for your travel at all, or you’re reimbursed less than 0.45p then great news, you’re entitled to make a claim. Our mileage tax refund service is brought to you in partnership with Claim Back Tax

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Step 1: Employment information

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Making sure that you can claim your mileage

Not all travel for work is claimable as a mileage expense. For example, your daily commute cannot be reimbursed. The first step of our process is to discuss and advise on exactly what mileage you can actually claim for.

Start to establish your income

Once we have confirmed that you have a claim, we start to get an understanding of your income. This may be in the form of HMRC documents, invoices, or even remittances. Once we have this, we can start to work on your refund. 

Find out what allowances you are entitled to

Now we know your income and employment statuses, we can start to advise on what allowances you are entitled to. By this we don’t just mean your mileage, you may also be able to claim for your uniform, home working etc. 

Process your claim and have your refund paid out

We will likely complete a personal tax return for you. This not only gives us more control over your claim, but it is an awful lot faster. 

Within 1 week of submission, your refund will be paid out. 

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Cloud accounting for the modern business

Having your businesses finances on the go is a must for any modern business. Raise and send invoices, record your expenses, and know how much is available to draw from your business. All from your smartphone or tablet computer. have partnered with FreeAgent to offer a fully cloud-based accountancy solution.

Take the stress out of accounting

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